Professional consulting services

With years of service experience, we have built up a good reputation and a strong professional team to provide strategic solutions and technical advice in fleet management. We work closely with all our clients to define their problems and expectations and tailor the best solution to solve their fleet management problems. Our role is more than a technology provider who is assisting you to drive your business to be more profitable and competitive.

Customer Integration Services

Our team will support you as you work to integrate the GeoTrac™ system into your operations. We provide complete servicing from the installation to the maintenance of each tracking unit. A member of our customer support team will help coordinate the times and location for unit installation and demo/training times at your convenience, while you, our client, can concentrate on managing your business.

On-site training services

Once we have installed our units in your fleets, a training session will be arranged to familiarize all necessary parties with the software. We also provide a customer service help desk to assist you should you have any further questions. Our strong customer service team will ensure you understand the system and can put it to good use.

Customer care services

Customer satisfaction is a critical element for us. We care about our clients' needs, ideas and opinions. We make sure our products and services satisfy or exceed our client's expectations.

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