GeoTrac™ gives data, analysis and alerts to proactively manage your fleet. GeoTrac™'s many benefits are:

Improved efficiency and productivity

We provide real-time information to optimize operations. Jobs can be dynamically assigned to drivers and adapted to schedule changes. More tasks can be completed in less time with fewer resources. Clients can avoid wasting time re-scheduling or determining where a vehicle is. GeoTrac™ helps make sure time and money are spent on the most valuable parts of your business.

Know Where Your Vehicles Are Located At All Times

GeoTrac™ can better track a vehicle by knowing each vehicle's location or monitoring arrival or departure times to ensure customer commitments are met and customer satisfaction is increased. Our user-friendly interface allows clients to manage one or multiple sites at a glance. Fleet managers can gain control of fleets with customized borders and alerts to signal when a vehicle has left or entered a location.

Vehicle History

GeoTrac™ system records the moment of each vehicle in your fleet. At anywhere and anytime you can trace its real location and check its history. The system gives you an overview of vehicle movements, patterns and total mileage used.

Fuel Efficiency

You can monitor driver behaviour more efficiently via our system. Managers can create and receive real-time notification when drivers have unauthorized vehicle activity, such as after-hours use or visits to non work-related areas during operating hours. Monitoring a vehicle's operations and driver behavior can lead to reduced fuel wastage.

Loss Prevention

We provide real-time information and emergency alerts to help you track your vehicle or asset anytime and anywhere to avoid any life or property loss. Clients can quickly retrieve their vehicles or moveable assets that have walked off site, thus saving millions of dollars in equipment and down-time critical to a company's efficiency.

Improved Driver Behavior

We provide real-time vehicle locations and status updates to let our clients know whether the vehicle is inside or outside expected operation zones or operating within business hours. Clear reporting helps to identify and correct driver behaviours that can increase performance and productivity.

Clear and accurate reporting

A wide range of reports allow you to see how long jobs take, when vehicles are idle, and the performance of drivers. Analysis and reports are invaluable information to plan workloads and next jobs for drivers.


With our multi-maps real-time tracking system, you can monitor up to four different locations at the same time. Our at-a-glance overview of fleets helps line managers with a bird's eye view of their operations, thus users have a better management and oversight of field vehicles.

Easy integration

It is easy to integrate with existing systems inside the vehicle and available in various fleet type. No need to worry about the time and usage which we can provide professional technical and customer service supports.

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